Propeller Efficiency

This text is a result of my discussion on propellers with Mr Spencer Greenhalgh from whom a have learnt a lot.

Note: This text contains mathematical formulas and derivations. However, these could be easily skipped without considerable loss of the information value.
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Crumble – 15.10.2010

26 flights in Autonomy, few afterthoughts from WC F3J by Sydney Lennsen, latest development on the F5J/FXJ battlefield. Is it really better to have smooth and accurate wings, and how about walkalong e-glider?
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Electric Sailplane Efficiency

An electric motor is pulling some amount of energy from the battery. The model climbs at speed which is much less than it would correspond to this battery power. About 2/3 of the energy dissipates on the way. Where it goes to?
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